Getting Ready for IPv6

It is a world’s concerning topic on IPv4 depletion, however it’s impact is not felt until recently when IPv4 gets exhausted quickly. For us, we are in the mist of working with various vendors to make sure that the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 will be a smooth one. Thats Continue Reading

Profiting from ReadySpace Cloud Services

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  • April 20, 2011
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Get a ReadySpace Cloud Services Personal account when you attend this workshop! (Early Bird will receive a S$10.00 TCC Voucher) Dear ReadySpace Customer, We have been working for 2 years to provide our customers with even more efficient Cloud Services. In 2010, ReadySpace launched ReadySpace Cloud Services for you to Continue Reading

Participating in Earth Hour

It’s earth hour today. I’m personally participating in earth hour by switching off my home lights tonight. While doing so, it keeps me thinking if it is possible to switch off more devices or equipment in my house? Yes, it came to my mind that I can actually switch off Continue Reading

Workshop at Teknology Park Malaysia

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  • March 24, 2011
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This is the first time we are conducting a workshop in Malaysia. Learn how to succeed with ReadySpace Cloud Services. Our guys from Singapore will be there to meet you! Really, its a time to know you more than training. Free food available. Venue: Lot 2-2, Incubator 1, Technology Park Continue Reading

Simple Steps to Increase Sales from Your Email Marketing

1. Integrate Email and Social Media Social media marketing continues to skyrocket. Instead of leveraging one medium over the other, use them together so they both can grow. Social media can be used to increase your subscriber base, generate leads so that you can later email and promote your products. Continue Reading

Business cost increasing. What can we do?

Although the economy is coming back alive, cost of living have been increasing. Many business have been feeling the heat coming towards them, so what are the things that you can do to overcome? The immediate answer is to cut cost. However, many knows that its not as simple. There Continue Reading