Cybersecurity: How to survive Covid-19 with tech?

💥💥💥 How to survive Covid-19 with tech? 💥💥💥 Since the start of Covid-19, countries have been thinking of ways to battle it but the situation will not end unless there is a proven vaccine available. One of the ways is by tapping on technology to mitigate its spread. However, this Continue Reading

How to protect your PERSONAL DATA with ZERO knowledge

💥[How to protect your PERSONAL DATA with ZERO knowledge]💥 In case you don’t know, in MAY 2020, PDPA recently updated their rules and you need to know your business risk! STOP spending time to check through your business computers to ensure that you are complying with PDPA standards. Join us Continue Reading

Powering the always-on business

After a bad experience with its previous cloud service provider, the Sheridan-Jeco Group of Companies turned to ReadySpace to ensure its e-mail service is up and running at all times. WITH electronic communications powering today’s knowledge-based economy, any downtime in e-mail systems can have an adverse impact on any business. Continue Reading

Emori Holdings moves mission-critical ERP system

Japanese trading firm’s dedicated server now powers its business across eight countries in the Asia-Pacific region. A MALWARE attack in 2014 had wiped out a day’s worth of data belonging to Emori Holdings, a Japanese trading firm. The data, which included critical customer and inventory records, was held in a Continue Reading

The cloud at your service

Managing thousands of part-time workers is no small feat at one of Singapore’s largest manpower agencies. Since 2004, TCC Group has been supplying service staff – sometimes at short notice – to over 200 hotel and retail clients across the island. To meet the staffing needs of its clients, TCC Group Continue Reading