Introducing a sneak preview of the new 3CX Session Border Controller (SBC) High Availability (HA) Clustering solution, that ensures IP phones’ uninterrupted connection to the PBX. The 3CX SBC is used to create a secure tunnel to connect remote IP phones to your PBX. With the SBC HA Clustering solution, we have eliminated the risk of a faulty SBC node severing communications with a remote office. What’s more, it does this without any intervention by the administrator.

It Takes Two to Tango

Create an SBC High Availability cluster

If a single SBC host goes offline, the remote IP phones would lose connectivity to the PBX. Not so, with the new SBC HA Clustering failover process that enables you to use two (2) machines as SBC cluster nodes:

  • The active/primary actively runs the SBC service to connect remote IP phones to the PBX.
  • The standby/secondary monitors the state of the active node to detect a failure.

If the active node goes down, the standby node automatically springs into action to assume the active role and re-connect the IP phones to the PBX.

How to Deploy

At this point, we are releasing 3CX SBC HA clustering as a technical preview for PBX administrators. Your feedback is important for us to fine-tune development. If you have two spare machines to use, check out our SBC High Availability (HA) Clustering guide and get your SBC HA cluster running today!

Requirements and Known Issues

View the change log for this version and give us your feedback via the community forum.