what is web, email and database?

We know how important it is for modern business owners to have great websites. After all, the odds are good that most of your new clients will find you on the internet! If you are ready to launch a new site for your firm, look through our list of available domains names today. After you have paid for your brand new URL, you can take advantage of one of our affordable cloud hosting or web hosting solutions. We offer a variety of packages; one of them is sure to meet your needs. If you need help understanding any of our web hosting or cloud hosting choices, contact us to get answers to your questions. We strive to offer secure and affordable cloud hosting that will satisfy all of our customers.


Built on the widely-used Linux platform, our web, email and database servers allows for great ease of use and flexibility.

From Joomla to WordPress, php to HTML, our platform offers you the room to choose.

Run out of email diskspace or need to upgrade to a need plan? Our Cloud technology allows you to make that change with a few clicks of your mouse and you no longer need to be held back by a hosting plan that your business has outgrown.


Mail Monitoring

Monitor in/out-going emails of all users to ensure communication quality.

Generous Diskspace

Huge diskspace provided for your website contents.

Web Security

Your website is automatically protected from Botnet attacks, DDoS and floods.

Multiple Domain Names

Create a domain name for each of your product brand for more online exposure.

Starting from just ₹340/mth

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